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Improve Your Golf Connection

Not getting the results you want with your golf swing?
Most likely the problem is with your Connection.

Most golfer's lack of proper connection effects both their enjoyment of the game as well as their golf score.

Fact: If you are not connected you will never substantially improve your golf game!

Most imperfect golf swings are the result of bad connections...there are 8 major connections to the golf swing motion: Grip, Upper Body, Lower Body, Setup, Backswing, Downswing, Chipping, and Putting. We offer a few sample video tips on these connections:
View Video Golf Connection Tips.

Motion is what governs the swing; the swing is a result of the synchronized, connected motion between the body and the club. These connections when properly engaged and managed will provide for the most efficient results with the least amount of faults.

The connected golf motion is simple to understand, learn, and most importantly feel with Perfect Connextion.

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Common Problems that can be improved with a proper golf swing connection:

Off plane - too many disconnected parts
Poor tempo - not kinetically connected
Lack of power - big muscles are not connected to small muscles
Balance (sway) - feet not properly connected to ground (fat & thin shots)
Poor chipping/pitching - body not properly connected for good motion, too handsy
Poor putting - not properly connected, too handsy
Chicken wing - not properly connected
Slicing - disconnected sequences

All of the above swing faults and many others revolve around one simple fundamental that is seldomly discussed - Connection. It is what all Professionals have in common and most amateurs lack.

"Connection and synchronization of the upper and lower body was the most significant swing overhaul by Tiger Woods to be a more consistent ball striker"
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The connected golf motion is simple to understand, learn, and most importantly feel with Perfect Connextion.

Perfect Connextion is much more than a golf swing motion and connection training aid. Perfect Connextion is a major breakthrough in overall game improvement.

With Perfect Connextion you will feel motion awareness, good tempo, good posture, good connection, and an easy, graceful movement. Perfect Connextion motion trainer improves flexibility, agility and economy of motion. It will add "confidence" to your swings.

You could spend a small fortune buying all the golf training aids out there that help you to improve the various aspects of the golf swing. Why not buy the one training aid that universally improves your golf game whether you are looking to improve your power drives, chipping or putting - Perfect Connextion. Depending on where you want to improve we have many videos available from top teaching pros to help you feel the right connection to improve your golf game significantly over time.

Perfect Connextion is widely used by PGA and LPGA instructors, touring players, and serious golfers because it is poised on the game’s biomechanical cutting edge and ready to add a different layer to golf’s conventional wisdom. Its role is to "facilitate." It's not a swing philosophy. It per-fects mechanics and techiques in a way that you can feel the building and releasing of energy in a most efficent way. It quickly confirms what is right and what is wrong thus maximizing proper, connected sequenching. One feel of the perfect golf swing is worth a thousand words.

Train smarter and get connected. Make golf a simple and enjoyable game of visualization, feel and trust. Then you will learn quickly how you can reach your true potential.


Developed with Golf's Top 100 teacher, Carl Rabito, Perfect Connextion uniquely blends connection and synchronization of the 2 Power Triangles with proper swing mechanics & feel for quick and permanent improvement to longer drives, more consistent chipping and better putting accuracy.

Connection is a golf principle seldom taught or talked about, yet it is the most important improvement to becoming a good ball striker.

Perfect Connextion comes with a pocket guide and we offer downloadable video instruction to help you improve all aspects of your golf game.